Loading and/or Unloading


We can do the most simple of things for you like if you want to drive your furniture to the new place but don't want to or can't load it we can have some of our guys head over on the day of the move and load up the truck and even unload! 

“Just the Big Stuff”


A lot of times you will be able to take care of running your personal things to the new place, boxes etc... but you may not be able to take all the big furniture. That’s where we come in! we’ll come on over and get all that “big stuff” out of your old place and into your new place right where you want it! 



Just the Moving


We will come in after you have packed everything up and get it moved for you! everything will go! All the boxes, furniture and appliances will go! you won't have to worry about lifting a finger. Just sit back and enjoy our company! We can even go to stops in between the old and new place! 

The Full Service Move


When you are getting ready to make a move it can be really stressful.  Between all the things you have to take care of, let Firehouse Moving Co. take care of your whole move.  We can box up, pack up and move all your furniture right where you want it.


We will also do things like:

  • move furniture for carpet cleaning, stretching or removal
  • furniture removal
  • furniture re-arranging
  • and anything else you ask us to do!